Kaitlyn's Programs

Self Care Coach

Over the course of 6 weeks together, we will begin to implement self care practices that allow you to prioritize YOU. To start, we will review your health history, determine your dosha (what makes you unique) and identify your intentions. From there, we will learn how to use this knowledge to bring more balance to your physical, mental and spiritual wellness. We will touch upon everything from daily routines to what you put in and on your body, body movement, and meditations to support where you are and where you'd like to go.

Pantry Prep

Ayurveda is not a diet! Everyone is unique and all food is either medicine or poison, depending on the person and their current state of wellness. Pantry prep is all about diving into your kitchen practices and ensuring that you are set up for the best nourishment possible anytime you're feeding yourself and your family.

To start, we will review your health history and determine your current doshic balance to create a fully personalized plan. We will go grocery shopping together, learn to cook a few quick staples, create a meal plan and set up your pantry for long lasting success.

Self Care Intensive

Being a mom is hard and some days can go by without a single thought towards what you need to be nurtured. The Self Care Intensive is here to help you build your lifestyle and routines around your most basic needs to begin filling your cup first!

Together we will look at your current routines and work together to add little pockets of personalized self care practices throughout your day, from the time you wake up til the time you lay down at night. This can include anything from adding a cup of warm lemon water first thing in the morning to adding boundaries to protect your energy or switching out a habit you want to quit with a nourishing self massage and bath. The possibilities are endless and we will discover what works best for you.

Cultivate An In-Home Yoga Practice

ultivate an intuitive at home yoga and meditation practice focused on your needs in the moment, each and every time you reach for your mat or pillow. We will create an intention for our time together based on your goals, determine your dosha, learn personalized yoga and meditation practices and find ways to make your in-home practice a priority in your life.

Postpartum Planning Workshops

The Ayurvedic view of the sacred postpartum time is that the mother should be nurtured just like her new born baby. With heavy emphasis on proper nutrition and prioritizing rest with few obligations outside of taking care of yourself and bonding with your new baby.

During our 3 week workshop series, we will learn what Ayurveda says about how birth affects the body and how to avoid long term imbalances that can lead to things like postpartum mood disorders and colic in the baby. We will talk about the importance of setting boundaries, how to set up a meal and chores train, and self care practices to implement now so they are already a part of your regular routine when baby comes.

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