Birth Doula Services


As therapists we see many women throughout their pregnancy and in the postpartum period. A positive birth experience can truly shape a woman’s feelings towards the transition to motherhood. When you feel strong and empowered, you can take on the world.

At La Luna we want to bridge the gap between pregnancy, and the postpartum period. We are able to give you support during your birth. We have trained DONA birth doulas who are eager to support you. Angela is able to bring her experience as a licensed therapist and training in perinatal mood disorders, into your sacred birth space. We are able to give you the empathetic support, as well as empowering motivation to bring to your birth.

Birth doula service packages:

Package 1: Birth in Power

  • One complimentary FaceTime/Zoom consult
  • Access to TWO trained and knowledgeable doulas
  • Two prenatal meetings prior to birth
  • Assistance with writing birth plan
  • Unlimited phone & text support for all of your pregnancy needs (emotional, mental & educational support), just call me your BFF who loves any & all talk about pregnancy, labor & birth!
  • On call 24/7 from 38 weeks until your baby is born
  • Attentive, in person support during labor & birth with no time restrictions 
  • Access to essential oils & diffuser if requested 
  • Photos and Videos
  • One Postpartum visit
  • Access to a lending of library of birth books
  • Use of the TENS Unit if requested.
  • Pckage 2: The Sacred

  • Everything listed in Birth in Power package PLUS:
  • Help with making a birth vision board
  • An additional visit either prenatal or postpartum
  • Typed up and printed birth affirmations to bring to labor 
  • Previous birth trauma processing and fear releasing ritual (if applicable)
  • Access to a peanut ball, birthing ball, and/or birthing ball stationary chair
  • Use of Tens Unit Machine 
  • Postpartum “Vagina- Be- Better” Kit including padcicles, and other goodies for your goodies!
  • Placenta Canvas Print
  • Package 3: Tribe Package

  • Everything listed in Birth in Power package and The Sacred Package PLUS:
  • Meeting with your doula every two weeks for 60 minutes. That hour is for YOU and all things for prepping for baby: prenatal yoga classes, nursery prep, grocery shopping for meal prep, going to Target to pack your overnight bag, etc
  • Placenta canvas, tincture, and cord keepsake
  • Add Ons:

    Virtual 90 Minute Prenatal Visit

    Past Birth Trauma Processing Session

    In person 90 minute prenatal session

    In person 90 minute postpartum visit

    TENS Unit rental

    Placenta Encapsulation 

    Placenta Print

    Framed Cord Keepsake

    Placenta Tincture

    One Week of Meal Prep

    Postpartum Vagina- Be- Kind Kit

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