Postpartum Therapy

Soothe Your Anxiety After Delivery

Enroll in postpartum therapy

If you're struggling with postpartum depression, anxiety or any perinatal mood or anxiety disorders, you don't need to fight alone. La Luna Counseling and Wellness offers postpartum therapy virtually and nature based. Our counselor will meet with you to create therapy goals and plans and help you find a way to work through what you're feeling.

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Our approach to therapy

Postpartum depression can come from hormonal changes, emotional strife or physical changes to your body. No matter the source of your feelings, you deserve the help of an attentive counselor. Our counselor will work with you to find effective techniques that address your needs.

We use a range of strategies, including:

  • Meditation and yoga
  • Mindfulness practices
  • Grounding techniques

We also use active therapy like walking and facilitate support groups and workshops. For more information on our postpartum therapy options, reach out to us today.

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