Spring into all the Feelings

As the winter comes to an end and spring rolls in, many of us may feel a sense of relief and optimism. The longer days, warmer temperatures and blossoming flowers can be a breath of fresh air after months of cold and darkness. However, for some...

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New year… new energy.

New year… new energy The New Year offers an opportunity to start things on a fresh slate. It is our time for letting go of the old to make way for the new. If you have been going round in circles previously, it is time to let go of the...

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Manifest that S$!t

With 2021 coming to an end, now is a perfect time to start thinking about what you want your 2022 to look like! Here are a few Manifesting must haves to get you started! 1. Be clear of what you want... 2. Figure out how what you want makes you...

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