Reconnect With Yourself In Nature

Walk and talk with our therapist outdoors

It can be hard to relax and open up in a stuffy office setting, especially if you're new to therapy. Talking to a therapist while you walk in nature can feel much less intimidating. If you want to attend therapy in a more comfortable setting, turn to La Luna Counseling and Wellness. We offer walk and talk therapy in nature, where it meets your needs.

Our therapist is willing to meet you nearly anywhere. You can walk on the beach, or wander down a trail - it's up to you. You'll feel better about discussing your issues when you're in a low-pressure setting.

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Meet Your Therapist

What are the benefits of walk and talk therapy?

La Luna Counseling and Wellness understands the healing quality of nature and how beneficial it can be alongside therapy. Many mental health experts recommend spending time outdoors because nature can...

Reduce feelings of stress and anxiety while increasing feelings like happiness and calmness.
Help people cope with pain and discomfort, allowing for an easier healing process.
Make people feel more connected to themselves and others around them in a positive way.

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