Christy's Programs

One on One Health Coaching Sessions

6 or 10 session bundles available. 45-minute weekly online video sessions. I will guide you in the direction of realizing / reaching your personal health and wellness goals. We will use mindfulness, nutrition, movement and sleep to get you feeling your best. In these sessions we also over the health and wellness goals of your family in order to create a home full of vitality.

Meal Prep Workshop

One of the biggest (understandable) excuses people have when it comes to eating more healthfully at home, is that they do not know where to start. My whole mantra is to start where you are! There is success in the small steps where you have a fridge full of organic produce but have no idea how to prep everything or a pantry full of packaged goods but you have a desire to include more fresh foods into your life. We will work together to stock your kitchen with foods, recipes and goals that will be easy for you to prepare.