Fall into Autumn and fall in love with your skin

Now that summer is coming to an end that doesn't just mean change in weather it also means change in your skincare routine! Self-care is also loving and taking care of your skin. 


Here are La Luna's 6 essential fall skincare tips to change it up!


1. Hydrate with Elastin, Collagen or Aloe for sensitive skin to hydrate the skin! 

2. Switch to a thicker moisturizer. 

3. Use a lip moisturizer and add eye cream. If these two things weren’t already a part of your skincare regimen, they should be during the cooler months

4. Don't stop using sunscreen! 

5. Add Vitamin C to your regime, this vitamin is great for boosting collagen, pigmentation and gives a brighter complexion. 

6. Add a humidifier into your life. The more moisture in the air the more moisture in your skin!