October is Emotional Wellness Month so let's try to take an opportunity to take control of life’s daily stresses and balance our mind/body emotional wellness. 

Healthy diet: Studies have shown a “food-mood connection.” Simply, if you eat good food, you feel better, have more energy, and can  improve your quality of sleep. La Luna has teamed up with Dish You Well to help our clients with understanding how healthy food habits can affect your mood/emotion and lifestyle.

Check in with a friend: Research shows that connecting with loved ones is beneficial to our health. During Emotional Wellness Month, schedule some quality time with friends. You’ll both benefit from some extra emotional support and love.

Learn a new coping skill: Do you have some go-to coping skills for when you feel overwhelmed or anxious? Take some time to develop a list of simple activities like breathing exercises, yoga, and drawing that help you calm down and self-soothe in difficult emotional times

Quality Sleep: Sleep is essential. Quality sleep allows you to think clearly and more focused. Seek to clock in eight hours, the optimal amount of sleep, by, turning off digital devices an hour before bed.

Opt-in to emotional wellness month by slowing down, checking in with your emotions, and connecting with your loved ones.