Jaymie Vincelli is an educator and received her Bachelor's Degree from Brooklyn College and a Master's Degree from Cambridge College in Massachusetts (2004). She majored in Education with a minor in Health and Nutrition. Jaymie's love for health and nutrition allows for an easy flow in discussion during prenatal care.

Jaymie is a mom of two. Having had both a cesarean and natural birth (VBAC) she has personal experience aside from being a DONA trained doula. She can relate to a multitude of feelings and emotions to provide the desired support.

Jaymie has had many years of breastfeeding experience as well as years of being a La Leche League Leader. Supporting mamas in home, using different positions, on the phone, one on one, in a group and running meetings was some of the ways she showed support and guided successful breastfeeding relationships.

Jaymie is passionate about supporting families and helping them feel loved, heard and validated. She is a great listener, empathetic and builds relationships based on trust and energetic vibrations. Jaymie knows that finding your voice and having the birth you truly desire is possible. She will be there to support you in every way possible.