Cassandra Abel

Cassandra is a Certified Death Doula and End of Life Planner from the Going with Grace EOL Training and has studied Thanatology, Death Companioning, Shadowloss and Grief at the School of American Thanatology. She holds a BFA from Montclair State University in Dance and has been a licensed massage therapist and reiki practitioner for the past 7 years. She is a mom of four and loves the arts and creative outlets which she aims to incorporate in all aspects of her personal and professional life.

Although the term, "Death Doula" is a fairly recent one, the role of a death (or end of life) doula/companion has been around in all cultures for centuries. She provides non-medical support and comfort to the dying person and their families and caregivers, which include education and guidance as well as emotional, spiritual, or practical care. Her goal is to create a safe space to normalize talking about death and grief, no matter how close or far death may seem by assisting and helping with planning documents and post-death affairs, creating legacy reviews and projects, and providing support and tools for death anxiety, grief, and shadowloss. She believes everyone deserves the chance to have a good death and should be supported before, during, and right up to the end.

During her massage training, she was introduced to the art of Reiki and found an instant connection. Reiki is an ancient Japanese technique that was developed from a desire to find a method of holistic healing that was unattached to any specific religion or religious beliefs, making it accessible to everyone. It is important to acknowledge the cultural origins and foundations of the modalities and to give back, she likes to donate to local Asian communities/businesses. Reiki has the ability to calm the nervous system, reduce stress and anxiety, and amplify feelings of compassion, peace, joy, and love. Reiki has helped hr personally, and she has seen the benefits it can bring to both those living with anxiety, and also those dying or in hospice.

"We're all just walking each other home." ~ Ram Dass

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