Doula + Lactation

Get the Support You Need as a New Mother

Navigating motherhood can be a scary uncertain time in a woman's life. It doesn't matter if this is your first, second, third, or ninth birth, every woman needs support in those fragile moments coming home from the hospital. At La Luna Counseling and Wellness we now have the support here for you during that time.

Postpartum doula/infant care

Services offered:

  • Educate parents about the 4th trimester of pregnancy
  • Help parents navigate the newborn stage with non judgmental emotional support and/or physical support
  • Aid in the adjustment period to the new routine
  • Assist with newborn care - bathing, changing, diapering etc.
  • Provide ways to calm baby: swaddling baby, wearing baby, skin to skin time etc.
  • Letting mom get some much needed rest
  • Nurturing care for you and your infant
  • Twilight care - the period of restlessness that some babies go through in late afternoon/evening

$75/hour per diem- No contract needed

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Lactation Support

Services offered:

  • Provide guidance to nursing parents
  • Help with latch, nipple discomfort, low supply, over supply, positioning
  • Provide information regarding pumping and storage of milk
  • Using the neonatal scale we can weigh baby and address weight fluctuations

$75/hour per diem- No contract needed

Postpartum Doula AND Lactation Support Combo:

f you are looking for a combination of the above services then please let us know.

This combination service is $100/hour per diem- No contract needed

Welcoming Baby Doula Package


- 1 visit before birth
- 2nd visit on the 1st day home from hospital or soon after
- help getting settled in at home
- let Mom nap and/ or shower
- provide breastfeeding help and newborn care
- 3rd visit during the first week home with baby

Calming Doula Package


- 1 visit before birth
- 6 postpartum visits (3x week for 2 weeks or 2x week for 3 weeks)
- help with infant feeding (breast or bottle)
- allows Mom time to eat, nap or shower

Blocks of Doula Care $250

4hr blocks

Morning care- to help you get moving during the day

Twilight care- after a long day get some rest or eat a family meal

Night care- after dinner get a nice chunk of sleep before midnight arrives

Or any block of time that you find you need assistance